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Mobile Detailing Services

We offer the best detailing services in the Hamptons from the comfort of your own driveway!


Our Basic Wash service is far from "basic," it's perfect for those who want a complete exterior and interior clean of their car. You'll be shocked to see a new car in your driveway!


It includes a complete exterior wash, deep wheel scrubbing, tire shine, vacuuming and deep cleaning of the interior, door jams, vents, all corners of the vehicle are covered including windows.




Welcome to Montauk!.. or better known as "the end." This wash is for those moments when our car feels like it's at "the end" and in need of professional revival that offers long term protection with a beautiful glossy finish!


 Our famous Montauk wash includes everything in our Main Beach Wash plus a clay bar treatment, complete exterior and interior ceramic coating, stain removal, buttery wax finish combined with a high metal polish.

Most Popular!



Our Main Beach Wash service is perfect for those who want a complete scrub for their car and extra shine to make everyone turn their heads when you go to the beach!

Our Main Beach Wash includes everything in the Basic Wash and also includes a foam bath, ceramic coat exterior glass, wax finish to the exterior, and total interior UV Protectant.


Our Packages!



At Hampton Mobile Wash, we understand how important it is to save money while still receiving quality service. That's why we offer discounts starting with just two vehicles! When you book with two or more vehicles, we'll take $25 off your service! Having more vehicles means more discounts, please view at check out. 

More information on additional discounts and our services can be found here.

Add Ons


Basic Wash pays FULL PRICE for Add Ons.

Main Beach Wash gets a 25% discount for Add Ons.

Montauk Wash gets 50% discount for Add Ons.

1 / Plastic Restoration - $50

This is highly recommended for off-road vehicles as many of them feature exterior trim. When a vehicles' plastic is exposed to the sun for an extended period of time, it becomes faded. Please allow us to bring it back to life.

2 / Water Spot Remover - $75

Water spots are the stains of mineral deposits left over after a drop of water evaporates. Soap and water cannot take this off. We use a special gel to get rid of it effortlessly.

3 / Leather Conditioning - $100

Overtime leather tends to breakdown. Let us clean, condition, then cover your leather with UV protective solution in order to prevent future wear and discoloration. You will not regret this beautiful transformation.

4 / Headlight Restoration - $50

Remove dead and faded plastic, reduce yellowing and oxidation, and return your headlights to pristine optical clarity with a ceramic coating finish to increase headlight longevity.

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